Hey there! my name is Reags and I’m a Hip-Hop artist from Melbourne. Get in touch with me below.

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About me


I’ve been rapping since I was about 13. I try to incorporate the truth into my words as much as I can and I always try to outdo my previous rhymes.


I’ve been making beats since I was about 15. HUGE love for Hip-Hop and electronic music, and I compose everything myself.

What I’m doing

Studying at the Australian Institute of Music on Melbourne! Working at ALDI Chadstone (repping). Hopefully perform Eyes Closed, live in the future.

About Me

I love making music because I can get across how I’m feeling inside and out and my view on the world. I fell in love with Hip-Hop as soon as I heard My Name Is by Eminem when I was about 9-10. Ever since then, I’ve been focusing and practising the craft, trying to get better. Em and 2pac my top 2.

Currently in my 2nd year at the Australian Institute of Music, studying Music Composition and Production.

I’ve released my LP, Eyes Closed on all platforms, which was performed, recorded, composed, produced, mixed and mastered by me at home in my room. Proud vegan of 3 years.

I’m always making music and doing something with it, I can’t stop. Hit me up if you wanna collaboration or need a beat, or really any ideas you need help fleshing out. I’m here to help!


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